Welcome to PISTE

This is the platform for the intermediation of services for French state transformation, a shared platform for the French state and public administration API, implemented by the Agence pour l’Informatique Financière de l’Etat (AIFE).

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  • Explorer les API


    APIs are completely documented. Try it out for yourself - no coding is required.

  • Tester les API


    Documented sample codes and data provided

  • Sécuriser les API


    Fully secured (HTTPS), the platform implements authentication standards with the use of applications tokens to ensure data privacy between users, consumers (applications) and API.

  • Simplifier les API


    This portal makes easier the developer experience by guiding him in registration of their applications and the way to use API

  • Tracer les API


    Dashboards to trace relative activity by AP and/or consumer

  • Mutualiser les API


    A single access portal for all API offered by service providers partners in the public administration.

How does it work ?

Once you have registered and obtained your credentials, log in to the portal and find out which available API you have access to.
You will then be able to try out the APIs and check their usage, before asking for keys that will allow your application to exchange with the API in a safe way.

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Safe and Simple

This platform is provided for developers and public administration, wanting to use published API. You need to be registred to access and consult API on the portal.